• Tim Cosgrove

AI-based platform aims to accelerate MaaS in Japan

The platform integrates all available mobility models and, as well as making more travel options accessible for riders, it provides data services to analyse mobility trends.

Yokohama will be one of the cities across Japan that will benefit from the platform

Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) tech enabler SkedGo has collaborated with AI Base Technology to build a platform targeting the Japanese market. The Fukurou Go platform is aimed at municipalities, prefectures, and transit agencies in Japan. Routing technology SkedGo delivers the MaaS front-end and tailored routing technology while AI Base’s behavioural analytics capabilities, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), provides deep data analysis to the platform host. “MaaS has the potential to transform how we consume travel and given Japan’s exceptionally well-built public transport system, we think a leading-edge MaaS platform will do extremely well in the country.” By entering the Japanese market in collaboration with a local partner, SkedGo hopes to create a symbiotic relationship which delivers a superior user experience and value proposition to its prospective Japanese customers. “Through innovative use of AI and human centric technologies and predictions, it helps ensure mobility for everyone in Japan”

Source: Smart Cities World

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