• Tim Cosgrove

Cloud-Star Technology 4G ESN Antennas

Cloud-Star technology have a comprehensive range of 4G antennas for the new Emergency Services Network (ESN).

ESN will replace Airwave and due to start towards the end of 2019. The software for ESN will be provided by Motorola Solutions and the infrastructure is being built by EE.

Cloud-Star technology have 4G antennas that can be installed into all types of Emergency Service vehicles.

4G ESN Internal Antennas

4G MIMO Antenna. This can be easily installed on the inside of the vehicle. Part No: A.4579.01.

4G Internally mounted antenna suitable for the Emergency Services Network (ESN).

4G MIMO and GPS Antenna. Fits neatly on the inside of the vehicle. Part No: A.4576.02

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