• Tim Cosgrove

Emergency Network Solution for Supermarkets & Convenience Stores

Extend Your Company Network to Home Offices Rapid Connectivity for Temporary & Pop-up Sites during this difficult time, many supermarkets and convenience stores are having to operate in ways they haven’t before.

Rapidly onboarding and training large numbers of new staff members, managing remote IT teams and contact centres plus modifying processes with supply chain and online ordering are just some of the major challenges currently faced.

Cradlepoint is offering the following temporary connectivity solutions to assist in two ways: • Out of the box plug and play Corporate WAN solution extended to the home office • High capacity and performance • Separate to home network Other benefits include:

— 4G cellular networks provide superior speeds, and overall performance over many home broadband networks — Central cloud-based management platform for IT departments enabling remote monitoring, troubleshooting capability and enterprise-grade security — Can be installed and connected without IT involvement — Maintain security by centrally setting up VPN from router to data center. — Built-in Wi-Fi to easily connect multiple devices • Establish a high-performance network in minutes at temporary or pop-up locations. • Indoor and outdoor options. • Reliable 4G cellular network - easy to deploy anywhere • Can be monitored and managed without sending IT professionals to each site.

Other benefits include:

— Install and connect quickly in the field without IT involvement — Maintain security through VPN connectivity and edge threat detection and content filtering — Built-in Wi-Fi to easily connect multiple devices Solution packages include pre-activated SIMs and data plans which provide further benefits to customers: — Short-term data plan options — No hidden or unexpected usage charges — No cancellation fees

For more information, please call Cloud-Star technology on: +44 (0) 1423 340066.

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