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Tim Cosgrove wins the Cloud-Star table football title

The 2019 Cloud-Star table football championship sponsored by Terry’s Chocolate Orange was won by Tim Cosgrove in an intense and pulsating


Matt Hancock and Tim Cosgrove contested the final for the forth year in a row qualifying as group winners.

Tim was representing Leeds United and Matt was playing on behalf off their very bitter rivals Manchester United.

The final was keenly contested with both players on top of their games, Matt was dominant in midfield but Tim had the edge in defence and attack.

Tim commented " Contests between myself and Matt are always incredibily close

and very tense and I'm delighted to retain the trophy and getting one over on Man united makes it even sweeter! Hopefully this is a good omen for Leeds United too as they chase promotion back to the premier league".

A hugely dissapointed Matt refused to comment.

The final league was:


1.Tim Cosgrove

2.Matt Hancock 

3.Owen Berger              

4.Laura Cosgrove

5.Vicky Grazulyte

6.Trudy Newby

Source: Cloud-Star

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