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5G car aims to help redefine human mobility

The HiPhi 1 will connect between cars, roads and cities and features a human oriented architecture which enables it to self-adapt and learn to enhance user experience.

The HiPhi1 is designed to analyse large amounts of data What claims to be the first production car in the world to be equipped with 5G technology from telecommunications company China Telecom has been announced. HiPhi 1 from HiPhi, a subsidiary brand of Human Horizons, forms part of the intelligent mobility company’s “3 Smart” strategic blueprint (smart vehicle, smart transportation and smart city). Human Horizons aims to build smart transportation technologies which will redefine human mobility and contribute to the development of smart cities. It will work with China Telecom on 5G technology research and implementation in the areas of smart cars, smart transportation and smart cities. According to HiPhi, the vehicle will incorporate the world’s first human oriented architecture (HOA), which is self-adaptive and learns to create diversified solutions that will enhance user experience. Its “neural network” consists of four “super brain” domain controllers and six micro processing units (MPUs), connected by 1G Ethernet, providing a higher communication rate than traditional control area networks. The partners claim the vehicle is able to analyse massive amounts of information and make decisions, utilising cloud computing with a powerful data analysis engine, to build a truly intelligent and smart vehicle. Its “neural network” consists of four “super brain” domain controllers and six micro processing units (MPUs), connected by 1G Ethernet The all-electric HiPhi 1 will be the first production car with a 5G-V2X enabled communication network, feature more than five hundred sensors, and have “outstanding capability” to connect between cars, roads and cities, its maker said. The alliance with China Telecom, one of China’s three major telecommunication providers, is thought to be the first of its kind and aims to further accelerate the commercialisation of 5G in the automotive and mobility industries. HiPhi 1 is entering a period of acceleration towards final production which is expected to commence by the end of 2020, with official deliveries scheduled in 2021.

Source: Smart Cities World

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