• Tim Cosgrove

Cloud-Star 4G/5G Router Antenna maximises network coverage

Cloud-Star technology supply a 4G/5G terminal antenna manufatured by Panorama Antennas for wireless routers, mobile devices and payment terminals that will boost the network coverage in areas where the 4G/5G signal is poor and improve the performance of your mobile device.

The antenna has an articulated right angle reverse polarity SMA male connector which connects to the 4G/5G WiFi RF port on the equipment.

The ultra wide band design ensures that the antenna picks up the strongest possible signal and is ideal for business critical applications.

The antenna is ground plane independent and covers the following frequecies: 615-960/1710-3800/4900-6000MHz.

The antenna is compatible with most 4G/5G routers and terminals that have a reverse polarity SMA RF port including: Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, Peplink, EE and Vodaphone.

The part number for the antenna is: PWB-6-60-RSMAP and it is available from Cloud-Star technology.

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