• Tim Cosgrove

Connected smart benches and waste solutions launched.

Steora have launched a new generation of smart benches and waste bins powered by advanced artificial intelligence that creates revenue opportunities with an optional smart outdoor advertising system.

The AI-powered Steora City is designed for frequently visited locations Include, a global manufacturer of solar-powered street benches, has announced a new-generation of smart benches that will be priced comparably to ordinary benches. Core features of the Classic smart bench include photovoltaic PV modules, fast smartphone charging, ambient light and environmental sensors. The design is fully modular, with options to change armrests, legs as well as other parts of the bench. Smart outdoor advertising The company also introduced the new Steora City and Cyclo models. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the Steora City smart bench is targeted at high-frequency locations, with an optional smart outdoor advertising system for additional revenue generation. Meanwhile, Steora Cyclo incorporates smart chargers for e-bikes and e-scooters, together with an air compressor and high-quality toolkit for users of bikes and other lightweight vehicles. Cyclo also features adaptive fast-charging, environmental sensors and is fully modular with add-ons such as flowerpots.

Steora Cyclo bench provides electric charging for micro-mobility vehicles Terra Public Can aims to reduce the cost of waste management The company is also launching a range of waste management solutions. The solar-powered Terra waste containers are equipped with GPS and fulfilment status technology. Waste compression systems can compact up to three times more waste compared to a regular container According to Include, Terra public cans, Terra residential bins and Terra residential dumpsters can compact up to three times more waste compared to a regular container, actively contributing to reduced CO2 emissions. With a newly announced “pay-as-you-dispose” system, Include claims it is bringing a “more optimised and fair” billing system for end-users (citizens). This means that everyone will be charged only for the amount of waste they produce. A final offering is Solos, a newly developed cloud city management platform offering control and analytics over a city’s critical infrastructure. The web platform comes with applications and integrations connected to various city systems. All products will be available in 2021.

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