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Continental launches smart intersections with wrong-way driver detection in Michigan

The hub in Auburn Hills features a range of technology aimed at increasing safety at intersections, improving traffic flow and reducing pollution.

The Continental Wrong-Way Driver system can be deployed on freeways and highways

Mobility technology company Continental has launched the Smart City Mobility and Transportation Hub in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

It features two intelligent intersections equipped with Continental’s short- and long-range sensors as well as a wrong-way driver detection system. Continental says the technology has the potential to improve traffic flow, reduce pollution and significantly increase safety by communicating hidden dangers to approaching connected vehicles and pedestrians.

Intelligent intersections

Continental wants to apply its years of experience in the automotive industry to make intersections more intelligent. Its sensors have been deployed on a number of vehicle platforms over the years, and enable functions like adaptive cruise control, blind-spot detection, forward collision warning, lane change assist and more.

In its current phase, the Hub is collecting non-personally identifiable information such as location and movement patterns about pedestrians, vehicles and other intersection-related activity to create an environment model needed for infrastructure-to-everything (I2X) communication.

The environment model provides information about traffic participants (for example, vehicles and vulnerable road users), traffic infrastructure, static objects and the overall road situation to connected vehicles.

“Auburn Hills is excited to partner with Continental to provide a real-world test location for smart city technology that will make the future of transportation safer not only for motorists, but cyclists, pedestrians, and other users within the confluence of the intersection,” said Kevin McDaniel, mayor of Auburn Hills.

Source: Sue Weeks-Smart Cities World

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