• Tim Cosgrove

External Antenna's play a crucial role in the performance of 4G LTE Wireless Routers

To maximise the performance off a 4G LTE wireless router an external antenna is crucial. The type off antenna needed depends on the application, if the deployment is in a vehicle than you need a MiMo (mulitiple-input multiple-output) this will ensure that the antenna picks up the strongest signal to improve network coverage. The best antennas will contain two seperate elements to enable the antenna to select the best located base station which is ivital for mobile installations in vehicles.

For 4G LTE wireless router deployments in buildings and temporary static applications than you will need a robust antenna with a good IP rating with a cable length long enough to connect to where the wireless router is installed.

Types of RF connectors used on 4G LTE Wireless Routers

Most 4G LTE routers used in the UK and USA such as Cradlepoint or Sierra Wireles use SMA connectors. The SMA on the router is standard female for the 4G LTE ports and SMA reverse polarity female for the WiFi ports. Most antennas are terminated with an SMA male connector but some only come with a short fly lead so you may need to purchase an SMA cable extension which are available from Cloud-Star technology. Wireless routers manufactured in Germany for automotive application can also use FAKRA male connectors.

If you need any help in selecting the correct type of antenna or cable assembly for your application please contact cloud-star technology

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