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RoadCloud to offer real-time information on how the weather affects the road network.

RoadCloud, the connected vehicle data platform that provides real-time information for transportation services and systems, and HERE Technologies, a leading location data and technology platform, today announced that they have teamed up to make RoadCloud road friction estimates, road condition data and weather data available via the HERE Marketplace.

As a global location data exchange hub, the HERE Marketplace enables RoadCloud to benefit from its global reach across industries and ecosystems and help the company to broaden its total addressable market and revenue opportunities.

By equipping commercial vehicle fleets with high-fidelity sensors, RoadCloud continuously collects high quality data on the state of the entire road network, including road pavement quality, black ice and potential aquaplaning scenarios. Its optical sensor (infra-red spectrometer and cloud-side calibration) can also collect information on water depth on the road and provide a continuous road friction coefficient.

The RoadCloud data offering consists of both normal vehicle CAN bus (Controller Area Network) data and premium data sets that are produced by RoadCloud's proprietary sensors.

RoadCloud data helps OEMs to increase the safety of their Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and accelerate autonomous vehicle development by providing an accurate view of the road conditions 'behind the next curve'. It also helps smart cities and road authorities maintain roads up to 20% more efficiently and with a 15% lower impact on the environment in both summer and winteri. "Through the HERE Marketplace, we're tapping into an extensive ecosystem of companies and developers. This will enable OEMs and smart cities to seamlessly access and integrate our data into their existing systems", says Ari Tuononen, CEO at RoadCloud.

"The HERE Marketplace is designed to give companies and developers the opportunity to utilize location data at an unprecedented scale and to accelerate data-driven innovation," said Sanjiv Ghate, Vice President and Head of Data Monetization & Marketplace at HERE Technologies. "We welcome RoadCloud as a provider of highly relevant data for the development of safety-critical services for the automotive industry and beyond."

Source: RoadCloud

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