HSD (high speed data)  Adaptor Male to Male Code Z universal waterblue

HSD Adaptor Male to Male Code Z Waterblue (HSD-NEUP-NEUP)




    HSD Adaptor (HSD Male to HSD Male)

    Code Z

    Colour: Waterblue / 5021

    HSD Connector Series

    The increased adoption of telematics in the automotive industry has driven the demand for high speed data communication systems in vehicles. HSD interconnect the product's focus on various application areas in the automobile, such as the inside compartment for connections to displays, head units and rear seat infotainment modules.

    The product portfolio can be used in combination with a variety of protocols such as LVDS camera (Low Voltage Differential Signaling), GVIF (Gigabit Video interface), USB, IEEE 1394 as well as Ethernet protocols.


    • Infotainment Modules
    • Headed Units
    • Cluster Displays
    • Consumer Ports