FME Male to TS9S Male antenna adaptor converts an antenna terminated with FME female to TS9S. For use on Huawe B618, Huawei B528 and Vodafone GigaCube devices. 

FME Male - TS9S Male Antenna Adaptor Cable

SKU: C74-FP-015-TS9S


    FME Male - TS9S Male Antenna Adaptor Cable

    Converts an antenna terminated with FME Male to TS9S male.

    FME Male (Plug)

    TS9S Male (Plug)

    Cable: RG174 15cm

    Applications: Mobile Broadbamd/Wireless Routers

    Connecting an external antenna to a data card can make a great difference to data transfer speeds. Panorama Adaptor Leads are designed to fit most 3G Data Cards, Express Cards and USB modems that have antenna ports and will transfer the data card signal to a better positioned antenna.
    Compatible Devices
    Huawei K5006
    Novatel Wireless MC760
    Netgear AirCard 770s
    Netgear AirCard 501
    Netgear AirCard 312U
    Netgear Compass 888
    Novatel Wireless USB760
    Netgear AirCard 320U
    Netgear AirCard 753S
    ZTE MF70 3G
    Netgear Compass 889
    Huawei K5006-Z
    Netgear AirCard 308
    ZTE MF633
    ZTE MF626
    Netgear Compass 597
    Huawei E589 (4G)
    Netgear USB598
    Novatel Wireless U727
    ZTE MF60
    Netgear AirCard 502
    Netgear AirCard 301
    Netgear USB307
    Huawei E392 (4G)
    Novatel Wireless USB727
    Netgear AirCard 319u
    Netgear 4G AirCard 760S
    Novatel Wireless MC727
    Netgear Compass 885
    Netgear USB306
    ZTE MF645
    Novatel Wireless U760
    ZTE MF91 4G
    Netgear AirCard 402