Smart-Phone Holder


Universal and adjustable suitable for most types off handsets. Easily adjusts thanks to a quick release button. This compact and sturdy holder has been designed for professional everday use and is perfect for vehicle fleets and delivery vehicles. It comes complete with a tilt swivel mount for flexible positioning and can be mounted on vehicle specific bracket (Dashmount or Brodit) or it can be mounted using the adhesive pad that it is supplied with.



Dimensions: Width Minimum 5.4cm Maximum 8.5cm. Height: 10cm.




  • Adapts to almost every size and form of smartphone and Mobile phone devices
  • Just insert the device and squeeze padded sides to secure device
  • Suitable for device width between 59mm up to 85mm
  • Ideal for device with skin or hard case
  • Tilt swivel mount-for optimum postitioning 


Smart Pone Holder

SKU: DM22258/221536